Our Pets

 Samson is our 220 pound English Mastiff.   He is 9 years old but still doing well.  We also adopted a cat, Shiro.   The two keep each other company.  Samson  was a very successful showdog and finished his dog show career with 9 consecutive dog show championships. 

Louie has five tortoises.  One is a Hybrid mix of a Texas Tortoise with a California Desert Tortoise.  Louie  has also acquired four young Desert Tortoises and a large Greek Tortoise.  Louie built threel pens in the backyard for them.  This is obviously his newest obsessive compulsive disorder project. 

Samson & Delilah (his sister who passed away at age 3) 

Samson at age 2


Samson at age 7







Sam & Shiro


Our Turtles