USA Pride


USA Pride is the name I have given to any teams that travel to Europe which are teams composed of players from various clubs. Otherwise the team would go by its actual club name. We have taken teams to Europe for 12 years, usually in the month of July. We have trained with professional clubs such as Crewe Alexander in London and Real Madrid in Spain. Our teams have played in England, Sweden, Denmark, Wales, Spain, France, and Italy. However, there is no tournament in the world that can come close to the quality and the quantity of the Gothia Cup in Sweden. There, 2000 teams from 65 countries participate in the most exciting tournament imaginable.


Action Youth

We continue to book all of our trips through Action Youth Tours, the finest soccer tour company in the world. The care given to the players, the quality of the hotels, the location of the schools, the knowledge of the guides, and the attention to details are the reasons we book with Action Youth. Though there are some companies that are a bit less expensive, you get what you pay for. In soccer travel, location is everything. We know that with John Close and his company, we will always stay in the best facilities with the best location. Every year American teams come to us complaining about their travel company and comparing their experience with ours. Often those teams travel the following year with Action Youth Tours. This summer, we will have more teams going with us than ever before. Check out the Action Youth Tours website as it is quite informational. The only difference is that USA Pride and the teams we take often design our own tour.
   I plan on taking the current LAFC-CHELSEA U16 team to Europe in the summer of 2010.  They will be classified as U17 for that trip.   The tentative plans are to travel to England and be trained by CHELSEA coaches for four days.   Each day we will also have a friendly game to play.  Then we will fly in to Gothenberg, Sweden to participate in the Gothia Cup.  The team has discussed the trip and next month we will have a meeting to make plans in detail.  By that time, Action Youth will have completed its revised DVD so that the team will be able to view examples of international tournament play.